Civil forfeiture laws victimize citizens

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Civil forfeiture laws across Canada are unnecessarily victimizing citizens. Rather than cling to these regimes, Canadian provinces need to move towards federal criminal forfeiture procedures found in the Criminal Code, which provide more procedural protection for individuals. This includes the …

Hydro Must Serve Citizens, Not Government

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I find Lane to be credible and not conflicted. He has had a distinguished career serving the people of Manitoba at the Workers Compensation Board, Manitoba Public Insurance, the University of Winnipeg, St. Amant Centre, and, lately, the Public Utilities Board. Lane criticized Hydro and the government for the high degree of risk Hydro’s ratepayers will incur with the implementation of the utility’s capital expenditure plans, some $33 billion to be spent over the next 20 years.

City politicians focus on utopian visions while citizens just want simple things, like passable roads

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It’s the new urban blight. Across the country, city governments are in varying states of disarray, if not chaos. The range is wide, from the badly governed fiasco in Toronto to outright corruption in Montreal and boondoggle-prone governments in Vancouver, Calgary and other Western cities. Taxes are rising, spending is soaring, but roads are crumbling and the basics often ignored.