Federalism’s Free Lunch: Why should Alberta taxpayers have to pay for PEI to provide students with free college?

Commentary, Equalization, Frontier Centre

“Maxime Bernier is right: End transfer payments to the provinces. Let Ottawa give them greater room to tax their own residents, but let provincial legislatures also have to make the tough choice to increase taxes on their own citizens if the politicians want to spend more on health, education, welfare and other provincial functions Ottawa is now subsidizing.”

Frontier posts College of Physicians and Surgeons investigation of wrongly alleged “cancer epidemic” in oilsands.

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In 2006, Dr. John O’Connor, a Nova Scotia physician then working in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, alleged that an epidemic of cancer was occurring in northern Alberta—and because of the oilsands operations there. In light of this, Frontier has decided to post the November 4, 2009 College of Physicians and Surgeons investigation of Dr. O’Connor.