Conversation with David Vardy

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David Vardy holds degrees in Economics from Memorial University, the University of Toronto and Princeton University. He was a member of the economics faculty at Queen’s University before returning to Newfoundland and Labrador to serve as a senior public servant …

David Suzuki and the rise of New Xenophobia

Commentary, Environment, Marco Navarro-Genie

David Suzuki made a statement that Canada’s immigration policy is disgusting and that the country is already full. He implies that the environment will be harmed by more people in Canada and that immigration inevitably translates into an irreplaceable loss of skill to the countries of origin. People reject newcomers for a variety of reasons, but Suzuki’s fears are not the old-fashioned xenophobia with which we are all familiar.

Britain Unleashed: David Cameron Needs a Change of Heart – and Some Fire in His Belly: The Prime Minister David Cameron wants to tweak the status quo, but he should smash it to show decline is not inevitable, says Allister Heath.

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This Government’s great tragedy is that it is run by a group of youngish, privileged men who have never known what it is like to be truly excited by economic and political ideas. David Cameron and George Osborne are creatures of the establishment, prisoners of the received wisdom, too interested in power for power’s sake.