Eco-Fascists by Elizabeth Nickson

Book Review, Climate, Barry Cooper

Professor Barry Cooper reviews Elizabeth Nickson’s controversial book “eco-fascism” and discusses the threat that radical conservationism poses to the development of smart environmental policy in Canada. Elizabeth Nickson can write. She developed her skills as a foreign correspondent for Time …

Global Warming Alarmists Abusing Our Children: The facts don’t support the propaganda environmentalist feeding our children

Commentary, Climate, Elizabeth Nickson

Environmental alarmists continue to target and abuse our children by perpetuating the drumbeat of doom. No doubt there is more to come. But the scare tactics used in schools need to be eliminated, because the facts don’t support their claims. Rational environmentalists have moved on to discuss how the planet is healing itself from the burst of industrialization.

Book Review – Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists are Destroying our Natural Heritage

Book Review, Environment, Frontier Centre

In today’s society, few issues rile up people as much as the environment. You know the drill: Everyone has to go green, make an ecological impact, control your carbon footprint, keep the planet sustainable, manufacture biodegradable products, tackle climate change and so on. The environmental movement’s never-ending supply of manufactured talking points are enough to make your head explode.