Hey, Mitt, Voters Aren’t the Obstacle: Understanding where the opposition to change really comes from.

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Voters are not the primary obstacle to reform. Forty-five-year-olds don’t rise in revolt because somebody proposes raising the retirement age decades from now. One of the fastest growing federal liabilities is the Social Security disability system. Advocates for the disabled actually criticize the program for not doing more to get recipients back into jobs and off the dole.

Truth or Consequences: Your Call, Saint John

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Sometimes when I want to get a snapshot of what the people are thinking, I go to the newspaper’s online site. At the top of the list, both in terms of most read and most commented, was “Pothole Pandemonium” (Feb. 18) with 33 comments mostly critical of the condition of our streets with literally hundreds of thumbs-up. However, one particular comment unrelated to the public’s growing disenchantment with the condition of our streets caught my attention.