More Immigrants Needed to Maintain Saskatchewan’s Boom: How Immigrants Can Soften the Blow of the Upcoming Demographic Crunch

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For the first time in decades, Saskatchewan is experiencing rapid economic growth. The provinces resources and sound policy environment provide an opportunity for this growth to last indefinitely. However, the province is missing one thing: people. After decades of young people leaving the province, and with the impending retirement of Baby Boomers, increased immigration will be required to fill the workforce.

Media Release – Immigration a key to maintaining Saskatchewan’s Boom: More Immigrants are Needed to Fill Labour Shortages and Replace Ageing Baby Boomers

Press Release, Immigration, Frontier Centre

Saskatchewan’s economy is stronger than it has been in decades. But this strength may be undermined by worsening labour shortages. The impending retirement of Baby Boomers will further stress the workforce, and presents challenges to funding social programs. These challenges will necessitate an ongoing commitment to increasing immigration levels.