Is Saskatchewan’s First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit undermining housing affordability?

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On its face, the First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit seems like it would increase housing affordability. After all, aspiring home owners often have difficulty scraping together enough money for a deposit. But tax credits are the wrong tool. I pointed out during the last provincial election that evidence from the US suggests that the tax credit would, in fact, reduce housing affordability.

A Place in the Sun Still Precious: Price of owning a house in Kelowna still one of the highest in the country

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Even with house prices down in a soft economy, Kelowna’s housing is still considered “severely unaffordable.” The Frontier Centre for Public Policy’s eight annual Demographia Housing Affordability Survey puts the city’s multiple ratio at 6.6, the fourth most unaffordable in the country behind Vancouver, Abbotsford and Victoria.