Happy Birthday, Sir Roger

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It’s time to celebrate Sir Roger for his courage and pragmatic, if dramatic, policy leadership. “I don’t put labels on anything,” is a clue to why he was able to dance across the political spectrum and trample stereotypical expectations.

A High-growth, Low-tax Welfare State

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Over the years, the Orewa Rotary Club has hosted provocative speeches that have set the New Zealand political agenda for the coming year. In February 2009, MP, former Minister of Finance, and Frontier Centre Advisory Board member Sir Roger Douglas gave his assessment of recent economic conditions and what governments can and can’t do to deliver prosperity to their citizens.

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Our People

— Staff — Peter Holle President Peter Holle is the founding President of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policy think tank.  

The Father of Managed Competition

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The beauty of this system is that it puts cost cutting pressure on the vast layers of middle managers and supervisors that are a fixture of the traditionally rule bound, bureaucratic and process-oriented government systems we still see mostly everywhere in the public sector, cities no exception.