Quebec, Shale Gas and Pandora’s Box

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There were some in Quebec who were thrilled last week when the new Parti Québécois government suggested it would ban the development of the province’s shale gas resources. While this seems to be just another story of a province deciding for or against a development opportunity, a shale gas ban might have larger consequences down the road.

Shale Gas – Communications is Only One Step

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It is good to see that the petroleum industry is attempting to get in front of public opinion regarding the safety and effectiveness of extracting shale gas.  That action is a good first step to deal with negative environmental activists who oppose all forms of extraction of fossil fuel resources.

However, could the producers afford to add a small element to their PR campaign budget to indemnify neighbors against the minimal risk that their ground water supplies will be contaminated by natural gas development activities?

Shale Gas Concerns Put in Context

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The National Post has run an optinion article that outlines some of the risks associated with shale gas.  It outlines concerns voiced by environmental organizations and responds to those concerns. I tend to agree that Shale Gas does not entail …

Let’s Get Fracking, and Slash Our Gas Bills: State backing for the shale revolution is what Britain’s economy has been crying out for

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Yet still the environmental movement, deep in bed with the subsidised renewable energy industry, wants to impede shale gas, fearful that it might succeed. Until recently it looked as if the Government’s energy policy was to go beyond picking winners to pick losers – how else do you describe an policy that hands out the most money to the most expensive ways of generating power? – and even ban winners