Solomon Off Target – Part II

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Quote from Solomon’s Article:

Smart-grid additions have no economic justification – they merely support large-scale wind and solar generation, which also have no economic justification. The National Post

The above is a very strong categorical statement that reminds me a lot of the dogmatic insistence of global warming advocates that the “science is settled.”  In this case, the insistence is that the technology has failed, the markets have spoken.

The problem with Lawrence’s assertion is that technology does not stand still and markets are dynamic when they are allowed to function.  Producing oil from oil sands and natural gas from shale formations was once uneconomic.  Today, those energy production techniques produce billions of dollars of profits and offer us a secure supply of energy.  Is it possible that renewable production techniques might follow that path?

Solomon Off Target

Commentary, Energy, Les Routledge

The south zone would be treated more as a green zone, to have the province’s politically correct southern voters bear the lion’s share of the costly “smart-grid” additions to the grid. Smart-grid additions have no economic justification – they merely …

Lawrence Solomon: Airing The Dubious Science Of Global Warming

Media Appearances, Climate, Frontier Centre

The executive director of Toronto’s Energy Probe shows that the scientific “consensus” behind that theory has been engineered in part by hardball political tactics. The veteran environmentalist’s latest book names individuals whose grants evaporated when their research got out of line, and he describes pressure on scientists from climate bureaucrats at the United Nations. “This media-inflated issue is diverting scarce resources away from environmental and economic problems that are much more urgent,” the writer told a breakfast meeting in Calgary last week.

Lawrence Solomon

Media Appearances, Climate, Frontier Centre

Lawrence Solomon is the author of The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud**And those who are too fearful to do so. He is Energy Probe’s executive director, a columnist with National Post and a past columnist with the Globe and Mail.