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Victoria Sues God

Victoria Sues God

It has come to this—Victoria wants to round up a posse of municipalities to sue oil companies for damages from climate change. Not only is such a case well-nigh impossible to prove, it is also full of rich ironies. Weather-related damages, termed “perils” in Canadian...

Critical Issues In Education Today

Education researcher Michael Zwaagstra has a new handbook out from the Frontier Centre. Parents’ Guide to Common Sense Education in Saskatchewan covers issues ranging from standardized testing to report cards and teaching strategies. What issues are the most critical...

Losing Sight Of The Issues: Birds, bowling, and bags: when city councils take on needless battles

Councillors have also spent time debating and voting on matters they have no power to actually address, whether it be banning shark-fin soup, opposing the Iraq War, or ending the NHL lockout — just this week, a Vancouver city councillor put forward a motion to write a letter to the NHL and the players’ association urging them to end the standoff (it passed).

The Future of Farming: – Dennis Avery, Director of the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute

Tomorrow’s farming will look like today’s, only more so. Crop and livestock yields per acre must triple again to protect wildlife habitat. Biotechnology will be increasingly vital. Confinement feeding will be even more important, to leave room for wildlife. Organic will prove to be a fad, as will locovores and vegetarians. Activists will be less credible than over the past 50 years.