Economics and Compassion from Saskatchewan Federation of Labour President

Commentary, Workplace, David Seymour

Is there no economic value in having people do their work in the province of Saskatchewan? I think there is and I think that it’s wrong-headed for business and industry to ship these jobs offshore or outsource them to low wage ghettos.

Or so said Saskatchewan Federation of Labour President Larry Hubich in a recent radio interview with Roger Currie on CKRM. Hubich was referring to decision by Post Media News to have circulation calls answered in the Dominican Republic.

Rarely does anybody raise so many questions or offend so many senses in two sentences. Is there “no economic value” in outsourcing and trade, and if there is then when? Who does he refer to as “low wage ghettos” and, assuming the people living wherever that is are human too, perhaps they need the business even more considering their low wages? Should our greatest compassion be for workers in developing countries or the high wage, low unemployment environment of Saskatchewan? Or is that a false question, because workers in Saskatchewan are more likely Post Media services’ consumers than its employees so the costs and benefits for the people of Saskatchewan cancel each other out?