Global Warming Alarmists Abusing Our Children: The facts don’t support the propaganda environmentalist feeding our children

Commentary, Climate, Elizabeth Nickson

Environmental alarmists continue to target and abuse our children by perpetuating the drumbeat of doom. No doubt there is more to come. But the scare tactics used in schools need to be eliminated, because the facts don’t support their claims. Rational environmentalists have moved on to discuss how the planet is healing itself from the burst of industrialization.

Media Release – Earth Day’s Credibility Damaged by Dominance of Climate Activists: Legitimate environmental concerns being shortchanged by focus on bogus global warming scare

Press Release, Climate, Tom Harris

Ottawa, Canada, April 22, 2013: “Earth Day participants must distance themselves from the climate scare or risk the event degenerating into irrelevance,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). Noting the intense climate focus in this year’s Earth Day Network advertising, Harris warned, “As the hypothesis that humanity’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are causing dangerous global warming falls into disrepute, all those associated with the climate alarm will also lose credibility.”

Eco-Imperialism Joins Vulture Environmentalism: Obama appointees seek to impose ideological control over our energy, economy and property

Commentary, Climate, Paul Driessen

Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s choice to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been chastised for having lied to Congress, in claiming that EPA did not use “dangerous manmade climate change” to justify new 54.5 mpg standards for cars and light trucks. She’s also been implicated in the agency’s practice of using fake emails to hide questionable dealings and activities.

Trampling on People, Environment, Science and Ethics: Environmental policies and practitioners often hurt people and values they supposedly protect

Commentary, Environment, Paul Driessen

Policy integrity. Ethical culture. Environmental protection. Environmental defense. Friends of earth. Defenders of wildlife. Ethical investing. Not just their names, but their charter, culture and policies – their very being – represent a commitment to these profound values. Or so we are supposed to believe.