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— Staff — Peter Holle President Peter Holle is the founding President of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policy think tank.  

Suffocating Bureaucracy & Failed Institutions

Commentary, Housing Affordability, Frontier Centre

The real reason for the collapse of embryonic civil society in Egypt appears to be poorly understood.

Within this excellent article in the UK The Telegraph , by the Editor of The Spectator Fraser Nelson “It is capitalism, not democracy, that the Arab world needs most” ( h/t Australian Institute of Public Affairs … Hey… what did I miss? newsletter ) , the real reasons for this failure are explained.

America’s New Energy Boom Is Bust for Foreign Suppliers

Commentary, Energy, Frontier Centre

For the better part of a year, Canadian officials and executives watched from afar as a shale-oil boom exploded south of the border. But it wasn’t until last fall that the full impact of the U.S. energy boom hit the provincial government here in the heart of Canada’s oil patch. Around October, prices for Canadian bitumen—a heavy crude from the country’s vast oil sands developments—tanked, walloping the economy of America’s largest supplier of foreign oil, its biggest trading partner and one of its closest allies.