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Taxis’ Fare Road to Profit: Restricted supply has inflated value of vancouver licence to $800,000

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Gary Tarantino owns arguably the most valuable taxi in Vancouver, in an industry already known for its breathtakingly high licence values. Tarantino’s Licence 70384 could easily command more than $1 million in a business where the average Vancouver taxi costs $800,000. That’s because he is the last holdout of independent taxi owners in an industry where all of the other 687 licences are held by the city’s four taxi companies.


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Greetings all, My name is Peter McCaffrey and I’m the FCPP’s new Policy Analyst in Regina, Saskatchewan. I’m a 24 year old graduate from Wellington, New Zealand and found out about the Frontier Centre via fellow New Zealander David Seymour …

A Place in the Sun Still Precious: Price of owning a house in Kelowna still one of the highest in the country

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Even with house prices down in a soft economy, Kelowna’s housing is still considered “severely unaffordable.” The Frontier Centre for Public Policy’s eight annual Demographia Housing Affordability Survey puts the city’s multiple ratio at 6.6, the fourth most unaffordable in the country behind Vancouver, Abbotsford and Victoria.