Commentary, Environment, Frontier Centre

With the release of a predictable report by the Clean Environment Commission, one that criticizes elements of Manitoba Hydro’s Bipole III plans and actions while setting out ‘reachable’ conditions for Hydro moving ahead on the $4 or $5 or ? …

Some Inconvenient Facts About Equalization

Commentary, Equalization, Mark Milke

To grasp why Canada’s equalization program is such a public policy disaster, some myths need to be busted about the $14.8-billion annual transfer of federal tax dollars to the provinces through equalization — and the $46-billion in other inter-governmental transfers. So, let’s some consider some inconvenient facts.

(Government) Workers of the World Unite!: Public-sector unions have had a good few decades. Has their luck run out?

Commentary, Public Sector, Frontier Centre

“The past 30 years have been dismal ones for the labour movement. In the American private sector trade-union density (ie, the proportion of workers who belong to unions) has fallen from a third in 1979 to just 7% today. In Britain it has dropped from 44% to 15%. Nor is this just an Anglo-Saxon oddity: less than a fifth of workers in the OECD belong to unions.”