Who should pay for Toronto transit projects?

Blog, Transportation, Steve Lafleur

Financing infrastructure projects is typically a complex process, involving transfers between provinces, cities, and neighbourhoods. While it is possible (though not easy) to track transfers between provinces, it is difficult to track transfers between cities, and impossible to track transfers …

Rail Relocation From Urban Centres Benefits Both Cities and Railways: It would address safety and land use concerns while providing improved transit and operational efficiencies to rail companies

Commentary, Transportation, Mary-Jane Bennett

The rail tragedy at Lac Mégantic, Québec, has opened a debate about the safety of railway in urban areas. Some argue a safety measure would be the relocation of rail lines away from urban areas. Those against this option make economic arguments about community sustainability and the high costs of relocation.

Media Release – Traffic Congestion Hurts Productivity: A National Transit Strategy Could Make Matters Worse

Press Release, Transportation, Frontier Centre

Gridlock costs Canadian cities billions of dollars in productivity. It also costs commuters both time and money. Many transit advocates believe that a national transit strategy will help increase mobility, and reduce gridlock. But Cox argues that rather than increasing mobility, a national transit strategy could make things worse.