Manitoba Health Spending Much Higher than Average

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Manitoba continues to spend the most per capita on healthcare of the Canadian provinces, except Newfoundland Labrador.


  • The Manitoba government spends 12.0% more per capita on health care than the Canadian average. If per capita spending was at the Canadian average, it would spend about $391 million less than it presently does.
  • Manitoba spends 7.6% more per capita on health care than Saskatchewan and 6.8% more than Alberta. Although Alberta’s population is younger on average, no demographic disparity explains the spread between health-care spending in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
  • Data on the current state of hospital crowding, waiting lists, delays and denials of medical procedures do not yet indicate a significant increase in health-care outcomes, despite significantly higher spending levels.

Source: Public Sector Health Expenditure, by Province/Territory, Health Care in Canada 2003, Canadian Institute for Health Information

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