Public Education – a National Asset We can Exploit?

Publication, Education, Ardith Plant

Executive Summary

  • Education funding in all Canadian provinces has been under extreme pressure in recent years.
  • Manitoba school divisions are looking at alternative funding arrangements; and several urban and rural school divisions have established International Education departments to encourage international students to attend their primary and secondary schools.
  • International students attending secondary schools in Manitoba provide economic and non-economic benefits to schools, students, the community and the economy.
  • Educational opportunities for international students are found in several countries around the world, including the United States, England, Australia and Germany.
  • Manitoba and other Canadian provinces are working with international students and their governments to bring Canadian education to developing countries and other nations.
  • The Manitoba curriculum for public schools has been adopted by two schools in China and one school in Thailand.
  • The World Education Market (WEM) is an estimated trillion-dollar industry that provides both domestic and global opportunities.
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