Pork Barrel Protectionism Report

Canada, Publications, Rolf Penner, Rural, Trade, United States

Executive Summary

  • In response to a trade complaint from the National Pork Production Council in the United States, the American government has slapped duties on the import of live hogs and piglets from Canada.
  • The Pork Council’s motives for the complaint are suspect.
  • The group alleges that Canadian producers are dumping into the American market below the cost of production, and that the dumping is enabled by existing farm insurance programs.
  • The data used to justify the complaint are highly speculative, and ignore other market-based reasons for the increase in Canadian exports.
  • Given the size of the Canadian share of the American market, the complaint is more likely based on protectionist motives.
  • Besides its creation of winners and losers, the duty will have a number of unintended effects.
  • Canada should aggressively pursue the case under free trade rules, and work to eliminate the possibility of such nuisance actions in all export commodities.

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