Winnipeg Think Tank Receives International Award

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The Atlas Economic Research Foundation, based in Arlington, Virginia, has announced that Winnipeg’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy is one of fifteen public policy institutes worldwide that will receive a 2006 Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence. The Templeton Freedom Award Grant is valued at more than $US 10,000 and rewards extremely promising think tanks that are at their early stages or operating in very difficult environments. Awards are based on standards designed to evaluate the past achievement and future potential of think tanks.

It will be presented in April at the Foundation’s annual Liberty Forum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We are very pleased that our efforts have met with recognition from such a prestigious source,” commented Peter Holle, the Frontier’s President, who will travel to Colorado to accept the award. “As many of us know, this is probably the toughest ground for new thinking in Canada. The vast economic potential of Canada’s eastern Prairie region is hobbled by dated policy models, and our intellectual missionary work fills an obvious void.”

The prize complements the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award, jointly bestowed in 2002 on the Frontier Centre, the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and the Montréal Economic Institute for their collaborative work on Canada’s equalization program. This year’s Templeton Award follows on a consultant’s analysis of the Frontier’s effectiveness, which estimated that the think tank leverages ten dollars worth of public exposure to new ideas for every dollar it spends.

The Frontier Centre is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research and educational institute which works to broaden debate through public policy research and education, and to explore positive changes within our public institutions that support economic growth and opportunity on the Prairies. Since its founding in 1997, it has experienced steady growth in its funding, staff and project, publication and outreach activities.

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