Does the CWB make farmers extra money?

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Dear Mr. Rolf Penner:

I respect your right to disagree with the CWB, in a democracy freedom of speech is a right of all: however you think your rights are being denied. Do you understand how a democracy works, the majority rules and not the minority. Speaking of rights, do you agree with the government’s gag order on the CWB, talk about denying a fundamental freedom (freedom of speech).

In an interview you said you could make more tens of thousands of dollars more each year if there was no CWB. PROVE IT. It is easy to make statements but can you back it up or are you just making up numbers to get sympathy. Tell me the name or names of the grain companies who will give you these extra tens of thousands of dollars every year. Give me there names and I will contact them so I can verify your claim.

If you can prove this then maybe you are right about dismantling the CWB, but if you can’t back up your statement I would ask you to please apologize for making up the story.

I await your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Andy Schewe


Andrew, thank you for taking the time to write.

As far as democracy goes we live in a country that respects both majority and minority rights, there is no country in the Western world that is run by absolute majority rule. There are simply things that we do not vote on like selling our neighbours into slavery, whether or not racial minorities should be forced to sit in the back of the bus, etc. I believe that the selling of ones wheat is one of them. It belongs to the person who created it and no one else, not the government, not a person’s neighbours, nor the abstract concept of a majority.

As to proof, here it is:


    and here:


    and here:


    and some spot price checking can be done here, I’ve been following it all summer and the differences can be quite substantial at times:


    So as you can see an apology is unnecessary.


    Rolf Penner

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