Climate Change Contradictions and Inconsistencies

Commentary, Climate, Owen McShane

Karl Marx enthusiastically targeted the “Contradictions of Capitalism”. His critics denounced Marx’s “Internal Inconsistencies” with equal glee.

Both Marx and his critics would have a field day if they were commentating on the New Zealand scene today. For example:

South Pole Warming?

The climate doomcasters’ major message is that we have been “spewing” carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere and therefore temperatures are rising. The change is real, and is happening, and we must panic, before it’s too late.

Measuring stations near, or within, large urban areas can give high readings. Hence we should look for locations as far as possible from human habitation to get the real picture. What could be further from human habitation than the South Pole? Gerrit van der Lingen of the NZ Climate Science Coalition has kindly prepared a graph which will, naturally, show that as CO2 concentrations rise, the temperature follows.

And here it is.

Funny that the CO2 trend line goes up, while the temperature trend line goes down.

How can this be? Would someone ask Al Gore?

The Expertise of Stern and Gore.

I routinely get kindly messages asking me to present my qualifications – the underlying assumption being that as a non-certified climate scientist I have no business having an opinion. Similar challenges were launched against Bjorn Lomborg, the non-dismal Dane, and author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist”. He was criticized for being “just a statistician”. But Lomborg was comparing claims with the evidence, which is what statisticians do – they analyse data. However, those who yearn for catastrophe have their own way of thinking. They have never challenged the credentials of Mr Stern, the Global International Banker, and they never question the credentials of Mr Gore, the American politician who developed his views on the environment while studying theology – not science.

One green commentator, no doubt resting up after an anti-American and anti-globalisation demonstration, recognized this contradiction but explained it away on the grounds that Al Gore has been passionate about climate change for a long time.

So that’s all right then.

Follow the Money.

Greenpeace routinely claims we skeptics are all in the pay of the oil companies in general and of Exxon Mobil in particular.

Exxon Mobil has given several millions in grants to US think tanks, who then commission other people to do research. Naturally, all this research is corrupted by the money.

The US Government, has spent over $23 billion on climate-change related research to date. I wonder who got their hands on all that lolly? Presumably their work is corrupted too.

Some of us were surprised to learn that Al Gore is actually an owner and director of an investment fund, Generation Investment Management. This fund will invest in “sustainable” business and naturally the more we are scared of climate change the more attractive such investments will be. At least we now understand why he was invited to talk to our own Superannuation Fund. It’s a useful device for siphoning money from my pockets into Al’s.

One commentator gushed that Mr Gore was “putting his money where his mouth is”.

Maybe he is putting his mouth where his money is.

A Stadium on the Waterfront.

Just after waxing lyrical over the wisdom of the great Al Gore, the Government announced a plan to build a 60,000 seat stadium on the waterfront even though Al Gore is convinced we are going to be awash under a 6 metre sea-level rise. None of the drawings suggest the stadium will be on 6 metre stilts.

Seems that climate change is now like astrology.

Even those who believe in it, really don’t believe in it.