Climate Change in Disarray – An African Perspective

Backgrounder, Poverty, Will Alexander


Will Alexander is an Emeritus Professor of Civil and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. His career has focused on water engineering, the discipline devoted to supplying civilization with clean and adequate water supplies.

After a long and distinguished career in that field, Professor Alexander is well placed to evaluate the effects of climate change on water supply against claims that man-made warming will lead to catastrophic consequences for our ability to sustain life. His chief findings are:

    • Neither African floods nor droughts have increased in the period that climate change is alleged to have happened.
    • Prof. Alexander’s research team has found wet and dry years correlate much better to movements in the solar system and activity on the sun itself rather than and man-made climate change hypothesis.

One of the greatest weaknesses in the arguments put forward by the man-made global warming lobby is that the projections of extreme weather events and the effects on agriculture are not firmly linked to projections of temperature change. Prof. Alexander tested the alleged consequences of climate change on the environment, and he has found that the hypothesis just does not pan out.

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