Civil Society Report on Climate Change

Publication, Climate, Frontier Centre


The science of climate change remains hotly contested, with substantial disagreements over what impact humanity might have on the earth’s future climate (e.g. McKitrick, forthcoming; Green and Armstrong, 2007; Lindzen, 2005; Houghton, 2005). Nevertheless, there is considerable pressure on politicians to take action. Unfortunately, the organisation set up to advise governments on what action to take, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has shown itself to be heavily biased (Henderson, 2007; Holland, 2007; Peiser, 2007; Tol, 2007; Kasper, This Volume). This report is an attempt to provide an independent assessment of the implications of climate change for humanity and the policy options that might be adopted.

The report has been prepared by a coalition of 41 civil society organisations from around the world. Background papers were prepared by some of the most noted experts in their respective fields. We then summarised the main findings of those experts and came up with our own policy recommendations.

Note: Funding for this project has come entirely from private individuals and foundations. No donor had any influence on what was produced, or even saw any of the material prior to publication.

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