Richard Epstein

Audio, Crown Corporations, David Seymour, Peter Holle


This May, Frontier Centre President Peter Holle, Saskatchewan Policy Analyst David Seymour, and Research Advisory Board Member David Henderson interviewed Prof. Richard Epstein. Epstein, a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, is a giant in the academic world. He is the author of over twenty books and a widely requested guest speaker. The interview is available here as audio clips that capture the different topics of the interview. In each case Epstein gives a non-partisan, analytical response to questions about the ideal role of government, the ideal size of government, why some societies succeed and others fail, the benefits and drawbacks of the flat tax, and other topics (follow the links below).

Epstein was in Winnipeg as a guest of the Civitas Society and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. He spoke at the Civitas Annual Conference on May 2nd.