George Gilder – Audio Interview Clips

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George Gilder is Chairman of Gilder Fund Management, LLC and host of the Gilder Telecosm Forum, a powerful network of talented, tech savvy investors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. He is also a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute where he directs Discovery's program on high technology and public policy, and the former Editor in Chief of the Gilder Technology Report (published by Forbes Inc., 1996-2007). Mr. Gilder co-hosts (with Steve Forbes) the annual Gilder/Forbes TELECOSM Conference, which offers attendees elite analysis of ascending and disruptive technologies and social politics. He was interviewed at the Atlas Experience, a conference run by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation at Niagara on the Lake on July 18th 2008.

Gilder on How the Microchip Changed the Economy and What it Means for Public Policy

Gilder on How Technology in the Past Three Decades has Changed the Rules of Public Policy

Gilder on Free Trade and Saskatchewan and Manitoba Rejecting TILMA

Gilder on Government Ownership of Telecommunictions Companies

Gilder on Urban vs. Rural Living and the Canadian Birthrate

Gilder on Technology and the Future of Socialised Medicine

Gilder on What Profit Really Is

Gilder on People Obsessed with Income Statistics -'Gapologists'

Gilder on Saskatchewan's Carbon Sequestration Scheme

Gilder on the Future of the USA