How Would You Spend $1 billion?

The Frontier Centre releases an “alternate choices” list for the cost of burying Saskatchewan’s carbon emissions

Published on September 15, 2008

Regina: “How would you spend $1 billion over seven years?” –Out of the Frontier Centre’s Saskatchewan office comes this question in light of the Federal and Provincial government’s joint $142 million/year commitments to burying carbon under the province. The centre has set up an interactive calculator on its website to give people in Saskatchewan an alternate say in how to allocate that $1 billion.

Saskatchewan Office Director notes the calculator allows Albertans to input their own priorities for the $1 billion now budgeted for burying carbon. ”The Frontier Centre’s interactive calculator presents a wide array of spending and tax options; they can quite literally design their own $1 billion budget, and see what other uses are available for the billions now set aside for burying carbon.”

Some options for the $1 billion now devoted to burying carbon emissions:

On the tax relief side:

• Reduce sales tax to 4.5%
• Give an additional $500 tax credit for all children under 14.
• Completely eliminate motor vehicle fees.

Examples of possible expenditure increases:

• Reverse rural school closures.
• Hire 500 more nurses and 500 more police.

People can access the Frontier Centre’s interactive calculator and select their own priorities for the $1 billion to be spent on buried carbon emissions at

For more information, contact the Frontier Centre’s Saskatchewan Office Director David Seymour:

(306) 581 1007 (cell) or

Gary Slywchuk

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