Know a Student who Likes to Think and Needs an Antidote to Canadian Universities?

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We wanted to notify you of a great summer opportunity to attend the free summer seminars on liberty sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS). IHS would like to bring more Canadian students and recent graduates to their seminars and would love to have FCPP students attend.

These free summer seminars offer participants a rare opportunity to spend a week immersed in the ideas of liberty. Students get to engage with enthusiastic faculty on various topics and discuss the ideas presented as well as their own views with students from around the world. The seminars adopt an interdisciplinary approach to liberty on a variety of themes, ranging from the foundations and future of liberty; economic development and globalization; careers in public policy, academia, journalism, film; and more. In addition to the economic perspective, participants also have the chance to examine liberty from historical and philosophical viewpoints to name a few.

IHS is offering 12 seminars in June, July, and August at locations across the United States. The full lineup is included below. Participation is free — IHS covers the costs of housing, meals, and books.
More information about the seminars is available at

Topics on Liberty

    Liberty and Society,
    May 30 – June 5, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
    July 11 – 17, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Effecting Change

Career Oriented