Climate Fairy Tales

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Under that catchy title, Hans Labohm of the Dagelijkse Standaard writes a post listing the 10 talking points around ‘Climate Change’ that are rehearsed and recycled over and over again on an almost daily basis by the Dutch (and wider European/Western) MSM. But what’s more, Mr. Labohm provides the rebuttal swiftly and brutally in the form of links proving the lie to these fairy tales. If you read Dutch, head on over to read the entire thing.

For those who do not read Dutch, and for myself as a handy future reference, this is a summary of the 10 fairy tales:

1) The Earth is warming and the rate of warming is increasing. It is not. If anything Earth is cooling at least since 2002.

2) Sea levels are rising and the increase is going faster. It is not. If anything, levels are stabilizing and even declining a little.

3) The poles are melting at an ever increasing rate. They’re not. The ice caps are as big as they ever were.

4) Human CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming. It is not. CO2 is but a tiny, tiny fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere. And of that 0.038% only 2 – 6% is human produced. That’s 0.0015% (give or take) of the Earth’s atmosphere.

5) CO2 is an important factor determining temperature. Highly unlikely. Correlations between CO2 and Earth’s are conflicting.

6) Global Warming is causing increased weather extremes. Highly unlikely. And not actually observed to begin with.

7) Polar bears are on the verge of extinction. Not true at all.

8) Climate sceptics deny that the climate is changing. No, they don’t. The climate is changing as it always has done. Climate sceptics do not accept that humans exert a detectable influence in the climate.

9) There’s only a handful of climate sceptics. No, there’s not. There’s a veritable army of them out there. The Oregon Petition was signed by 31,000 scientists. Not all of them climate scientists, granted. But in another initiative 700 scientists who are involved in climate science expressed their doubt about human caused climate change. And their numbers are growing.

10) Climate sceptics don’t publish in peer-reviewed journals. Yes, they do. Just google-scholar some of the names in the lists linked to above.