Climate Campaigners, Sceptics Live In Different Worlds

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Two Different Worlds” was a mid-50s hit-parade song. The title perfectly describes the world of “climate”.

One world is where I have been taken by 2,500 hours of researching climate research.

The other world is the one portrayed by Gwynne Dyer in his April 8 column, by Thomas Friedman a few days earlier, or by Al Gore and David Suzuki any time.

To scare us, Dyer threw in “the climate problem has grown hugely,-point of no return”, “planet turns to desert”, and other red-letter disaster scenarios. Friedman was hardly to be outdone, with dire warnings that “climate change is happening faster,-higher temperatures are triggering self-reinforcing feedback mechanisms,” and on and on. Gore’s movie is pure hyperbole from start to finish Have these opinion-makers looked out their windows the past two winters? Care to hum a few bars of “I’m Dreaming of a White Easter” with me?

According to them, all knowledgeable in fields other than climate, a dire future awaits us UNLESS… unless we mend our ways and live righteously. “Righteously” is, of course, defined only by them, and requires sharp reductions in our production of carbon dioxide.

Darkly amusing is the way they write with full certainty that they know what the future will bring. They don’t. They appear unaware that the world stopped warming 10 years ago, and that it has been actively cooling for more than half that time.

They also seem unaware that harmless carbon dioxide is essential to all life and that its concentration has been much higher in the past. They never wonder how there can be so much limestone (44 per cent carbon dioxide) that it could cover the entire globe three feet deep.

The question that these writers never answer is: “WHERE is it warming?” They ignore recent exceptional winter conditions around the globe. They pick only high temperatures and never talk about record lows. The conditions that they warn about are within normal variation.

The whole notion of “global warming” is built on reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. IPCC reports are founded on temperature data from unreliable sources and on computer models that are little better than video games.

The dodgy temperature readings come from ground stations. They were never established for climate studies, only for weather forecasting, and many of them only for aviation purposes (which is why so many are at airports). Most of them, even in the U.S.A., do not give accurate data. And there are vast areas of the world with no stations at all. But the data from these few, faulty, stations are used to concoct an imaginary “global temperature.” It should be no surprise that the resulting number is worthless to tell us if the world has been warming or cooling.

The IPCC was established only to show that we are causing global warming, not to investigate if we are. That is not how proper science is conducted.

The only trustworthy temperature readings are made by satellite, beginning from 1979. What do they show? The world is cooling.

For five centuries, a belief persisted throughout Europe about Prester John, a powerful Christian prince living in “the Orient.” Belief in coming “catastrophic global warming” has just as weak a foundation. It has gained widespread acceptance just by repetition, much like the Emperor’s new clothes, or belief in witches. We are being taught Prester John global warming.

Climate has always been changing. Always will. The world began warming around 1830, before carbon dioxide levels had changed from long-ago times.

Since then, it has warmed a mere half-degree or so. There is good correlation between temperature and activity of the sun. There is none with CO2 levels.

The main greenhouse gas is not CO2. It is water, as vapour and clouds. It gives up to 95 per cent of the greenhouse effect. Legislation and treaties to limit CO2 emissions are pointless. They would accomplish nothing.

Bertrand Russell said: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

These oracles are not stupid, but they are ill-informed. We should ignore them and think for ourselves. We should stop wasting our time and resources on what is not a problem.