Global Warming Dismissed as ‘Lies’

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Alarms being raised by many politicians and environmentalists about global warming are nothing more than a pack of lies, a Regina audience was told on Wednesday.

Lord Christopher Monckton, who is on a speaking tour to several Canadian cities, including Regina, said there is little evidence of significant global warming or that any warming that is occurring is being caused by greenhouse gas emissions, such as from carbon dioxide.

“I’m just showing you lies after lies,” said Monckton, in a speech to 50 people at a luncheon meeting of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, held at the Delta Regina.

Monckton, who is a member of the House of Lords in the U.K and a former science adviser to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, identified former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, the United Nations, politicians in general and misguided environmental scientists as among those telling lies.
Monckton said he had repeatedly challenged Gore to a debate about environmental issues but Gore has yet to respond.

“I’m still waiting for a reply, Al baby,” Monckton taunted.

Monckton repeatedly dismissed Gore and other global warming alarmists as “bed-wetters.”

There is little evidence of major melting of polar ice packs or of increases in ocean water levels, Monckton said.

What fluctuations that are occurring can be explained by factors other than greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

Fluctuations in the earth’s temperature have occurred throughout history and can be explained by various factors, such as changes in the sun, he said.

Politicians motivated by money, power and glory are more than happy to jump on the global-warming bandwagon, he said.

The mistaken campaign against greenhouse gases is killing people, he said.

Increased hunger and starvation are occurring in the third world, partly because some crops are being used to make environment-friendly fuels (like ethanol) rather than feeding people, he said.

Electricity, produced by power plants, is a key ingredient to improving people’s lives and even saving lives, he said.

The upcoming Copenhagen conference on global warming could result in an international treaty that will take away sovereign powers from nations and put international bureaucrats in charge of making key decisions about economic development and the economy, Monckton warned.

People need to ask themselves if “they are willing to allow (international environmental bureaucrats) to take this democracy away,” Monckton said.