Proper Debate

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Good editorial, but when one examines the leaked e-mails at CRU there is little doubt that there is an intent to manipulate the data. It is this attempt at deception that makes these revelations so interesting. The Hockey Stick graph was manipulated math, there are numerous references to data not fitting the theory, etc, etc. The whole topic now is becoming religious, notice churches ringing their bells in support of "saving the earth" Total Lunacy. Geologist have monitored climatic changes for decades, and the information is readily available, glaciers have been melting for 12000 years since the last ice age, so retreating glaciers are not new, what is new is that all evidence that contradicts "Anthropogenic warming" is NOT presented.
That is the PROPAGANDA aspect of this whole discussion. Academics are actually Not discussing other well known causes of climate change, and blaming CO2, from fossil fuels as the sole driver of Global warming. This is still being propagated by the media and environmentalists even though warming has reversed, and by recent data, the earth is cooling!!
If global warming was going to be as drastic as predicted ten years ago by Al Gore and David Suzuki, why was not a single study conducted in and universities that addressed the benefits of a warmer climate for Canada??? I can come up with at least ten benefits to a warming Canada, but the subject was NOT raised at any academic institution because it was politically incorrect to be raise. This is blatant manipulation of our elected, (but scientifically challenged ) officials and media. The CRU e-mails are an example of this manipulation of the IPCC. 
The waste of tax money on CO2 sequestration is just one of many examples of money diverted from health care and education in a futile attempt to cool the planet. Subsidies are being granted to all kinds of industries building wind farms, solar energy, etc,etc, when in fact, if sunspot activity is a climate driver, we may be COOLER than we like. In my opinion this will be the biggest Hoax in recent history, and pardon the pun, these e-mail may just be the " tip of the iceberg," in anthropogenic global warming.  
— E-mail from Canada