Canada v. Europe on Patient Rights: Canada Lags: In Europe, healthcare is more responsive to consumer needs than in Canada

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Canada v. Europe on Patient Rights: Canada Lags

Each year, the Frontier Centre which compares the quality of health care services in Canada to that offered in 31 European countries. The Euro Canada Health Consumer Index measures which health care systems meet the expectations and needs of patients. Among other things, the index measures the extent to which different healthcare systems provide sufficient information to patients to enable them to make informed decisions about their own care. Result: Canada’s healthcare system is less transparent than most European models and patients in Canada are given far less information about their own situation and options than is the case in most European countries. The following graphic illustrates Canada’s performance compared to a representative sample of 19 European countries.

How can Canada improve? For example, in many European countries, there exist provider catalogues, which provide quality rankings and statistics for hospitals and other health care providers.

Source: Euro Canada Health Consumer Index 2009