Cities-Towns Ask Ottawa for Investment in Infrastructure

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OTTAWA – Canada’s municipalities are asking Ottawa for a long-term plan to address the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

If senior levels of government are going to invest in upgrading the water systems of towns and cities, will they also fund 2/3 of the cost to upgrade my water supply and septic systems on the farm?  Alternatively,  would they pay for 2/3 of the cost for me to connect to a water pipeline that can supply treated water to my yard like one can expect if one lives in town?  I would gladly pay more than double town rates for water if it was treated and assured to be safe for human consumption.

An alternative model is to run offer municipal utilities on a cost recovery basis so that customers pay market rates for the services offered.  Today, rural residents pay the full cost of providing their own services and it would be fair if urban residents paid their own way as well.