The Battleground of Property Rights

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A long established truism in the Westminster (parliamentary) system  is that governments are as good as their opposition. When governments lack good policy typically so do the opposing parties.  Regardless of the size of the opposition, the same can be true in reverse.  And here is one example in Alberta, where premier Stelmach is trying to position himself as property rights defender:

Tories finally realize time isn’t going to cure them of Wildrose. With an election promised for next March, and possible by fall, they have to fight the new party head-to-head. Out comes Ed, swinging. While Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith was still heading for her news conference on property rights, Stelmach was already promising Thursday to protect every last scrap of Alberta private property from his own government.

The premier has also ordered a review of the language in the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, which has given cause for property concerns to farmers and ranchers in the province.

All music to the ears of strong property rights supporters.