Health News – Treating Obesity

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The medical system provides treatment and rehabilitation for people who drive and have an accident in an automobile or suffer from injuries incurred when playing sports.  When it comes to treating obesity, it appears the system takes a different approach.


As local doctor and world-renowned obesity expert Arya Sharma says, “The idea that obesity is a voluntarily self-inflicted condition, that people should be able to cope if we educate them enough and if we motivate them enough, is wrong.”

Birch agrees. While the general population may have qualms about offering a “cosmetic” procedure to people they believe are at fault for becoming so large, Birch said that stance fails to understand obesity is a chronic illness that may require bariatric surgery, then surgery to remove excess skin.

 The perception that obesity is a “self inflicted condition” and thus does not merit treatment is a somewhat troubling attitude in my mind.  Should we hold the same attitude towards hockey or football players who suffer a torn rotator cuff in their shoulder and require corrective surgery?