Global Warming – A Modest Proposal

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Watts up With That has put forward an idea about how to improve the IPCC process at the UN.

While some skeptics would prefer to see the IPCC process eliminated in its entirety, perhaps the idea of a majority-minority report has merit so that policy developers and governments understand the range of opinion and views related to the underlying science.  At a very minimum  the suggest approach would once and for all bury the illogical assert that “the science is settle.”

As long as humans exist in the universe, “the science” will never be settled because bodies of knowledge and understanding of the physical environment will always change and evolve.  Even reasonably stable assumptions can be up ended when people like Einstein come along with ideas that better fit what is observed in the physical environment.

“The Science” is no more settled today that it was in the days when religious organizations asserted the Earth was the centre of the universe.