Victory for property rights and free expression in Ontario

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The Canadian Constitution Foundation, a registered charitable organization that fights for Canadian freedoms in the courts, has announced that the Jaworski family has won their case to host the Liberty Summer Seminar.

The Jaworskis live in the rural municipality of Clarington in southern Ontario. For 10 years, their son Peter hosted the Liberty Summer Seminar, an educational and recreational annual event that featured speakers advocating for topics like economic liberty and freedom.

The irony of lacking the freedom to host an event in celebration of freedom was not lost on everyone involved.

The municipality attempted to slap hefty fines on the Jaworksis because they claimed the event was commercial in nature, contrary to the municipal bylaws.

Recently, the municipality announced it was dropping the charges as they realized the event was about peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

The Jaworski victory shows why more needs to be done to protect the property rights of individual landowners. The scales have tilted much too far in favour of government.