The Chattering Classes Need to Focus on Real Issues

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John Doyle, TV critic at the Globe and Mail sums up the silent majority’s opinion well in his column today: ”

What a country this is – tedious, smug and about as thrilling as a double-double and a Vanilla Dip at Tim’s. Look around, for heaven’s sake. What are people talking about? Let’s see: a government scandal that involves a Minister inserting the word “not” into a document – like a school kid ineptly changing the exam result before showing it to mom and dad, and then obfuscating as mom and dad sigh, realizing they have reared a weasel. As sizzling scandals go, it’s a tad lame.”

Yes, the chattering classes are in a frenzy but the average Joe doesn’t give a hoot.  

Let’s consider an issue which concerns all of us and gets front page coverage in today’s National Post and collateral coverage on the Post’s editorial page is public sector wage inflation and one of it’s causes – equalization. The two pieces are related because much of the public sector wage inflation in the have not provinces is fuelled by overly generous increases in federal transfers to the so-called “have not” provinces like Manitoba.

It’s good to see a rising awareness in Ontario that it is paying an  unaffordable high price for an increasingly dysfunctional system.   We need a complete rethink of federal transfers, especially equalization.