It’s not a question of not being driven. We are.

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Earlier we blogged about the social policy reforms in Britain advocated by David Cameron.

Here is a piece of practical journalism showing how much difference teachers and principals with enough autonomy can make in a school. It includes a quote from a student at one such school, eschewing affirmative action:

“It’s as if we’re not somehow as good as rich students in the private schools. I came here from quite a dysfunctional school. But I knew I wanted to go to university. It’s not a question of not being driven. We are. The difference is here the teachers are completely there to help you. You can really learn.”

The last century has seen progressively more centralised education systems. This example is part of a trend in which decentralisation offers a very effective antidote. Just so long as the vested interests (we know who you are…) can let go, there is so much more potential in education.