Global Warming Hype – Who Wins

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Recently, the Frontier Centre was the target of a slur that asserted our commentators are in the pockets of big money oil interests.  Somehow I doubt that my blogging about the need to stimulate more open and vigorous competition in the economy qualifies me to gain access to monetary support from that source.

On the other hand, there are some established big money links in the global warming camp.  Why I wonder are ties with those big money interests, whether they are big corporate, big government, or big environment fund raising machines, are not mentioned when reporting on the lasted scare tactic?

From The Telegraph

As for their two colleagues from Risk Management Solutions, this is not the first time that this leading adviser to the world’s re-insurance industry has been involved in a controversial bid to heighten alarm over the consequences of climate change.

In October 2005, in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, RMS held a meeting in Bermuda with four hurricane specialists, all of the alarmist persuasion, to quiz them as to how they thought hurricane activity was likely to be affected between 2006 and 2010, thanks to climate change, and how this would impact on the southern United States, notably Florida. On the basis of this meeting, RMS advised the re-insurers that the risk of hurricane damage over the next four years was hugely increased. The companies found that their reserves were $82 billion short of what they might be expected to pay. Premiums, particularly in Florida, accordingly rocketed upwards….

…thanks to RMS, the insurance industry had made billions from higher premiums.