Flight and Exile from Statism

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This morning’s Post features the poignant story of a dairy farming family from Ontario crossing the line over into New York State with their cattle and everything they could carry, eager to escape the shackles of supply management.

We know that supply management does little for the poor consumer. But this story puts the lie to the idea that supply management does wonders for producers in the dairy industry. Those who value autonomy and responsibility in the industry seem to know it. Canadian dairy, such as it is today, has no future.

The numbers are shocking:

If one simply Googles Census Canada and the Canadian Dairy Commission they will find that Canada’s population has more than doubled since supply management started in 1967 and that — shockingly — the Canadian actual total milk production per year has not changed, other than slightly dipping, over those four and a half decades.

The story, written by a member of the fleeing farming family, is here.