Good Customer Service

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I had a power outage today and reported it to hydro at 07:00

By 09:00, the problem was fixed and it ended up being a problem with the fuse in the line abut 1 mile away from my farm,

A couple of things worked very well in the process.

First, Hydro has deployed an automated problem reporting service that enabled me to report the problem and link it to my address through my phone number.  That was a nice, quick way to report a problem instead of leaving a message on an answering machine or being put on hold forever to talk to a call centre operator who did not ask the correct questions.

Second, company phone out to inform me that a truck was being dispatched within 15 minutes of reporting the outage.  That was an impressive step to let me know that help was rolling.  Not many dispatch systems have the quality feature built into their process.

Third, once the power came back on, the automated system phoned back to verify that the problem was fixed.  I really liked this step of having the customer positively confirm that the problem had been resolved.  Again, the system has a quality assurance check built into the process.

Government service delivery processes could really benefit by reviewing the Manitoba Hydro customer service system and processes as a good example of providing responsive and reliable service to the public.  The thing that stick out in my mind was not once was I put on hold to listen to music.  I wonder if immigration services could ever reach that level of effectiveness?