Weather Warnings

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The Bloc has complained that sending weather radios to schools and youth groups is a waste of money.

In 2000, a tornado killed 12 people in Pine Lake Alberta, lives that could have been saved if they had advance warning about the tornado.

A few years ago, a tornado was headed toward the Town of Neepawa, emergency authorities were notified, but there was no method to get the alert out to the general community.  Fortunately, the one decided to miss the schools and the community.

What does the Bloc propose as an alternative?  Should children in schools not be protected in the event of severe weather?

The more problematic issue is how much money over the years has been diverted from Environment Canada’s core mission to produce accurate weather forecasts and severe weather alerts.  If the Bloc wants to focus on wasted money, focus on how much has been spent sending officials to IPCC meeting in exotic locations.