The War Against Alberta’s Oil

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From the Capital Research Centre comes “American Greens Vs. Canadian Oil Producers,” another insightful piece skilfully documenting how American environmentalists are levelling an all out war against Alberta’s Oil Sands.   The campaign is thick on defamation, innuendo, half-truth and outright lies.

The network includes household names such as Earthworks, Environmental Defence, Friends of Earth, Greenpeace, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), Rainforest Action, and the Sierra Club.

These are the front actors pretending to be a grassroots movements, coming to tell Canadians what to do and how to handle our resources.  The faux-grassroots army is somewhat secretly bankrolled by a series of American billionaire foundations among which are Sea Change Foundation, Oak Foundation, The New York Community Trust, and Tides Foundation. It’s hard to know who is whose pawn in this complex cabal.

Sea Change is not able to accept unsolicited proposals

Sea Change is not able to accept unsolicited proposals

They systematically funnel millions into a concerted Anti Alberta Oil campaign. Considering that the leading economies of our country are the oil-leading economies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, it is a foreign war against the engines of Canada’s economy.

They fully fund shenanigans like the daredevil scaling of the Calgary Tower, the continued boycott attempts at hurting Alberta businesses and tourism, and the recruiting of young apocalyptic bloggers to say and describe how Albertans are bringing about the end of the world –lest the evil Canadians be stopped, of course. Their hatred for Alberta’s oil is “purely ideological,” says author Neil Maghami.

Interestingly, the masked bank-rollers of our foreign attackers, many of which are located in California, say little about tar sands in Utah, and in Venezuela, let alone the California tar sands.  In fact, they are quite friendly to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Maybe if Canadians hang pictures of Hugo Chavez around the oil sands development offices in Alberta, the greens will back off.

It may not be long, the report argues, given that more and more individual Canadians are slowly becoming wise to foreigners meddling in our affairs, for green Canadian outfits to fill the void and become American Trojan horses against Alberta’s oil patch, funded by foreign interests.

One can already think of Suzuki and Pembina as the natural volunteers.

Read the whole CRC publication here.