Exam Can’t Hurt Schools

Commentary, Education, Frontier Centre


So the NDP and the Manitoba Teachers’ Society say there’s no value in comparing Manitoba’s high schools.
Really? No value?
What they really mean is they’re both afraid to see the results of a comparison. They’re afraid they will be held accountable.
The governing NDP sees no value in comparing the performance of high schools because no member of the public, teachers or school has ever asked for such a report. The problem we have with that pat answer is it ignores the fact it costs the NDP nothing to provide that information and they can only benefit from its analysis.
Heaven forbid the public discovers inadequacies and then holds teachers, school boards and the NDP accountable to fix the areas of concern.
The MTS went on to say the primary obligation of the system is to the individual student and that student’s parents.
And guess what, by examining the performance of schools across Manitoba, the Frontier Centre‘s analysis would let individual students know the quality of the education they’re receiving.
And why is it those in this system want to keep that information from their students?
Fear. Fear of accountability.
Teachers are scared of this kind of comparison. It means someone is watching them. Someone is independently evaluating their performance. And being held accountable for the results you’re producing can be scary. You might be told you have to change the way you’re doing things.
But welcome to the real world. The only thing that matters is the bottom line and when you’re spending taxpayer money independent evaluation is what the taxpayer deserves.
If it’s the individual student that teachers and politicians are striving to help, then they should put our money where their mouth is. They should freely participate in this evaluation.
Then perhaps the bar will be raised for schools that lag behind the average.
And that is where the value is for individual students.