The nature of arrogance

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Suzuki as the Environmental Atlas

David Suzuki is about to turn 75 years old, and finds himself hoping that his advanced years will bring him coveted credibility now that he is no longer motivated by his lower instincts.

“It seems to me that as an elder now, I hope people recognize, I’m not driven by the need to get laid, or the desire for more fame, or money or power…None of that stuff is on my platform any longer. So I hope there’s a credibility that comes from being in the last part of my life.”

His attempt at sounding wise and philosophical leaves him no less arrogant and condescending, however:

he’s hoping that this is the right time to send a message, urging Canadians to recognize that the air, water, soil and other living things on the planet are what keeps people alive.

Canadians could not come near recognizing these deep insights without Suzuki, let alone through others.

We are such a fortunate people to be offered this last chance.