Usage Based Billing Around the World

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Here is a post by Micheal Geist about how Canada stacks up to others around the world on how Internet usage is metered and priced.

In addition to choice from among unlimited and data capped plans, other countries feature far more variation in approach to UBB. In Australia, data caps are very common, yet exceeding the cap does not result in overage fees. Instead, Australian ISP “rate limit” subscribers that exceed their cap by reducing download speeds for balance of the month. In other words, all plans are effectively unlimited plans but with different speeds once a data threshold is met.

The Australian market also features another notable variation on UBB. Many ISPs feature two separate data caps each month – one for peak time usage and a second for off-peak usage.

Hopefully the incumbent ISP will absorb some ideas from this post and start to offer some service innovations instead of one-size fits all pricing models.