National Priority

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The Gateway pipeline and other proposed energy transportation links to the west coast should be started and completed as soon as possible.  As indicated in this article, Canada is currently a captive supplier of oil and gas to the US market.  As a result, we sell our product at a discount to prevailing world prices.  This situation needs to be fixed by creating more competition for our energy products from off-shore customers.

One thing the federal government could do to accelerate the process is to establish pre-defined utility corridors to the west coast so companies do not have to re-invent the wheel on a project-by-project basis.  Environmental assessments should be completed on a corridor-by-corridor basis instead of each project.  The same principle should apply to the duty to consult with First Nations.

I wonder if we will hear any comments from federal party leaders about how they propose to accelerate the approval and construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline as well as additions to pipeline capacity to Vancouver ports?

Pipeline companies should also consider laying fibre optic communications along these corridors and make that communications transmission capacity available to communities along the route.